Session title: B31-Aquatic resource consumption by prehistoric humans

Aquatic resource procurement and consumption over the course of human evolution has raised an intense debate in regard to the cognitive capacities of prehistoric humans. Not only does the relative importance of aquatic resources as diet intakes shed light on the exploitation of aquatic ecosystems but also on the evolution of subsistence strategy of ancient hunter-gathers. However, detection of aquatic resource consumption is often challenging due to different archaeological and preservation biases. Effort to trace this type of food intake has led to the development of new approaches, including morphometric equations, stable isotope measurements, organic residue analyses, peptide mass fingerprinting, and ancient DNA analyses.

For this session, we would like to invite contributions that present significant case studies and technical developments in the fields of zooarchaeology (e.g., osteometry, skeletochronology), biogeochemical analysis (e.g., stable isotopes, trace elements, ZooMS, fatty acid analysis) and paleogenetics.

The oral communications are given a maximum of 15 minutes with 5 minutes of discussion. A poster session could be included with a brief introduction by the authors. Contributions and debates will be in English.
Please note that the submission of your abstract (500 words maximum) have to be posted online via the website: www.burgos2014uispp.com indicating which session it is for and also the name of the session organizer.

Important deadlines are
April 30, 2014: proposal of oral communications and/or posters
May 31, 2014: indication for each researcher of the session that they wish to participate in
June 30, 2014: final list of summaries of accepted papers and posters and the schedule of the communication presentations
August 28, 2014: Congress registration deadline


Dorothée G. Drucker
Research assistant, University of Tübingen dorothee.drucker@ifu.uni-tuebingen.de

Yuichi Naito
Research fellow, University of Tübingen yuichi.naito@ifg.uni-tuebingen.de



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