Dear Colleagues,
attached you find the 1. circular for next year’s SEQS conference.
We hope to meet you in Poland in September 2020 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Markus, Guzel & Pierluigi
(SEQS board)

Markus Fiebig
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Department of Civil Engineering + Natural Hazards
Institute of Applied Geology

Peter Jordan-Str. 82; A-1190 Wien; Austria
+43 1 47654 87212


Dear Colleagues
We invite you to participate in the “Quaternary Stratigraphy – Sediments, localities, palaeofauna and human migrations across Central Europe” meeting of Section on European Quaternary Stratigraphy, which is planned from 27.09 to 03.10.2020 in Wrocław and Sienna near Stronie Śląskie, Poland.

“Quaternary Stratigraphy – Sediments, localities, palaeofauna and human migrations across Central Europe”

Institutions supporting the conference:
INQUA – SEQS Section on European Quaternary Stratigraphy
INQUA – SACCOM Commission on Stratigraphy and Chronology
University of Wrocław
University of Warsaw
Polish Academy of Sciences
Committee for Quaternary Research, PAS
Polish Geological Society

The meeting is located in the Aparthotel Czarna Góra in Sienna (Stronie Śląskie).
Address: Sienna 5, 57-550 Sienna, Poland

September 27th 2020
Database of QUATERNARY Terrestrial European Stratigraphy
September 28th – 29th 2020
Opening Ceremony. Oral and Poster sessions. SEQS business meeting.
Oral sessions: Time for contributions is set at 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion. Please use PowerPoint compatibles for slides.
Poster: The maximum size for the posters is 80 cm (width) x 120 cm (height), the B1 paper size (70,7 x 100 cm) is recommended. Posters will remain in the exhibit hall throughout the whole meeting; nevertheless a poster session might take place with a 5 minutes presentation by the authors.

Scientific sessions
1. Karst and Cave sequences
2. Quaternary stratigraphy, chronology, geomorphology and tectonics
3. Human and environment in the Quaternary
4. Major regional subdivisions of the Quaternary in European and Asian regions: toward a common data-base (Datestra)

September 30th –October 03rd 2020
During the field trip, we will present Quaternary of the Sudetes, its geological and geomorphological significance and linkage with regional evolution during the Pleistocene. Sedimentary sequences, as well as isotopic and geochronological data, will allow understanding the evolution of Sudetic caves (Niedźwiedzia and Radochowska) and mountain topography. We will also visit Karkonosze Mts., highest mountain range within the Bohemian Massif, glacially reshaped during the Pleistocene. Here, we will discuss the chronology of mountain glaciation and views on long- and short-term relief evolution, basing i.a. on the recent cosmogenic and thermochronological data. As complementary sites, we will visit outcrops of Quaternary deposits within the Fore-Sudetic Block, including Holsteinian interglacial limnic deposits in Krzczonów area and loess-soil sequence in Biały Kościół. During the last day of the field trip, we will visit the unique cave and karst landscape (with palaeontological and archaeological sites) of the Ojców National Park (Polish Jura) located in the southern part of Poland, around 15 km from Kraków.

Scientific committee
Prof. Jan M. Burdukiewicz Institute of Archaeology, University of Wrocław
Prof. Ryszard K. Borówka Geology and Palaeogeography Unit, Faculty of Geosciences, University of Szczecin
Prof. Zdzisław Jary Institute of Geography and Regional Development, University of Wrocław
MSc Adam Kotowski Department of Palaeozoology, University of Wrocław
PhD Marek Krąpiec AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków
PhD Adrian Marciszak Department of Palaeozoology, University of Wrocław
Prof. Leszek Marks Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw and Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, Warsaw
PhD Magdalena Moskal Del-Hoyo W. Szafer Institute of Botany, PAS, Kraków
Prof. Adam Nadachowski Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, PAS, Kraków
Prof. Dorota Nalepka W. Szafer Institute of Botany, PAS, Kraków
PhD Urszula Ratajczak Department of Palaeozoology, University of Wrocław
PhD Artur Sobczyk Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Wrocław
PhD Renata Stachowicz – Rybka W. Szafer Institute of Botany, PAS, Kraków
Prof. Krzysztof Stefaniak Department of Palaeozoology, University of Wrocław
MSc Damian Stefański Archaeological Museum in Kraków
PhD Andrzej Traczyk Institute of Geography and Regional Development, University of Wroclaw
Prof. Paweł Valde – Nowak Institute of Archeology, Jagiellonian University
Prof. Jarosław Wilczyński Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, PAS, Kraków
Prof. Andrzej Wiśniewski Institute of Archaeology, University of Wrocław
Prof. Piotr Wojtal Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, PAS, Kraków

Organizing committee
Krzysztof Stefaniak, Adrian Marciszak, Artur Sobczyk, Adam Kotowski, Janusz Badura, Urszula Ratajczak
Secretary: Urszula Ratajczak
Department of Palaeozoology
Sienkiewicza 21 str. 50-335 Wrocław
Please send any request of information to the above mentioned Secretary
Conference language
The official language of the conference is English
Publication of conference papers
A book of abstracts will be compiled before the conference and distributed to participants when they arrive. A volume of Conference Proceedings is planned. It will be published as a Special Issue of Quaternary International. The Organizing Committee will invite authors to contribute to this volume.
Registration will be open from mid-January 2020.
Conference payment
Payment of the conference fees will open in January 2020. All fees include current VAT. The conference fee can be paid with bank transfer only until 20th of September 2020.
The conference fee includes scientific sessions, abstract volume, other scientific material and coffee breaks, banquet and cultural programme. The early registration fee will be fixed around 150 Euro. After 30th of June 2020 it will be fixed around 200 Euro. The organizers highly recommend accommodation and meals (27th – 30th of September) provided by Aparthotel for around 250 Euro.
Filed trips fee will be fixed for around 300 Euro for the early registration, and 350 Euro after 30th of June 2020. Overnights, food and transport included.
Official letter of invitation
For attendees who need invitation letters (visas etc.) please contact the organizers to receive the necessary documentation.
Dates and deadlines
15.01.2020 – Start of registration
30.06.2020 – Deadline for Early Registration Payment.
10.08.2020 – Deadline for Abstract Submission. After this deadline we cannot accept any more scientific contributions with abstracts.
10.08.2020 – Deadline for Late Registration Payment.
05.09.2020 – 2nd Circular with a definitive programme.

Financial support
Financial support by SEQS-DATESTRA for PhD students, Early Career Researchers and DCR will be probably available depending upon the final decision by INQUA about International Focus Group funding.
Check or contact Pierluigi Pieruccini (