Predstavljamo publikaciju talijanske autorice Claudie Fornari, čiji je glavni junak arheolog.


Claudia Fornari

La vera storia del miserabile Federico Perchetti / The true story of the wretched Federico Perchetti

Edizioni Efesto, 2017

When the laws of nightmares become reality…The true story of the wretched Federico Perchetti is a tale halfway between Horace and Orwell, a tale about a government that declares war on its citizens.


A seaside jaunt.

An archaeologist and his mother.

A mysterious birthday gift.

A lost silver statue of Emperor Octavian Augustus.

And a prime minister cutting the budget as no one else has ever dared.


The day is 1 June 2018 and a new Italian prime minister is being sworn into office. Like so many of his predecessors, he promises stability, growth and reforms. That same morning a car sets out from the centre of Rome in the opposite direction, leaving the palaces of the powerful for the seaside resort of Ostia. Inside the car are Federico Perchetti, an archaeologist on a temporary contract, working for the Museum of Roman Civilization in Rome, and his extrovert mother Eleonora. It is Eleonora’s birthday and they are planning to celebrate with a picnic on the beach. Soon enough, the towels are lain out, an exquisite pasta al forno is served and both Federico and Eleonora are drunk on sea air. Looming over them, however, is the shadow of the new government that begins to unfurl its first brutal moves.

The story of Federico and Eleonora is told through a series of official documents, reconstructed with the precision and sensitivity of a lawyer-turned-novelist. Viewed collectively, they paint an unflinching portrait of contemporary Italy in the midst of austerity policies, “grand reforms” and mounting threats to civic freedoms.


Claudia Fornari is a lawyer specialising in international corporate law. She divides her time between Rome and Krakow. In 2003 she published her debut novel “The Yeti’s Hug” (Marsilio Editori). In 2009 she went on to write the script for the political movie “Laugh, you clown” (Ridi, pagliaccio). Her legal publications include, amongst others, the Code of Commercial Companies in the Polish Republic, published by Giuffrè.