Croatian Archaeological Society Newsletter # 32nd 17/12/2018.
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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Winners for 2017

At the symposium “Archeology Pozega Valley and western Slavonia”
held in Pozega 8 to 12 October 2017 were declared winners
Lifetime Achievement Award “Don Frane Bulic” and the annual award “Josip
Brunšmid “for 2017.
The winner of the lifetime achievement award is Dubravka Sokač Stimac, and the winners
Annual awards are:
 expert team of dr. sc. Tajana Plese, Teodora Kučinac, BSc. ing. Arch. and
bang. Kamenko Klofutar who participated in the project of reconstruction and
presentation of Pauline monastery of St.. Petra Petrova Gora.
 Ida Koncani Uhač Project “Zambratija – prehistoric boat” , which
resulted in underwater archaeological research, conservation,
exhibition and publication.
 Jelena Jovanovic and Zeljko Zoric for joint interdisciplinary
project of the Archaeological Museum in Split and the Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science in Split entitled
For the new honorary member of the CAA was elected Borut Kriz.
The awards will be presented at a traditional ceremony to be held in
ceremonial hall of Matica Croatian in February 2019. The term award
will be announced later




Dubravka SOKAČ-ŠTIMAC born on 6 October 1943 in Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in single-major study of archeology in 1967. In 1968 he started working as the first archaeologist in Požega Valley Museum (later City Museum), where she was director of the 1990th to 2004th, and retired in 2009.. From 1970 to today visited the hundreds of archaeological sites, of which 14 entered in the register of protected cultural monuments.

Since 1972 began systematically exploring one of the most important Pozega and Slavonia ancient sites Treštanovačke ruins at Tekić, where he explored the Roman settlement and a necropolis until retirement. In addition to the sites investigated experimental, systematic and rescue excavations of prehistoric sites Zarilac, Pozega, Jaksic, Migalovac and Vlatkovac, and other ancient sites (Great, Sloboština, Imrijevci, Vetovačka meadows, Pozega, Grabarje), and a number of medieval sites (Rudina at Čečavca, Capitol, Ivandol, Brestovac, Dolac, Stražeman, Klis, Pozega), and after retirement even terrain around the church in Voćin, the old town and the church of St. Augustine in the, and the cathedral in Pozega … As a member of the expert team participated on excavations in Vinkovci, at Vučedol, in Batrina, Slavonski Brod, Pakrac, KUSONJE, Voćin and near Zagreb. She has given notable presentations at scientific and professional conferences

International conference – announcement

Sense and Sustainability- International Conference on archaeological tourism organized by the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, which will be held in Zagreb from 06th to 10th
May 2019, briefly turn Zagreb into a world center of archaeological tourism. Experts from around the world will gather at the conference to be in
fore put sustainable management of archaeological heritage in her capacity as cultural tourism resources, and potential or actual tourist attractions.
Marketing heritage, cultural routes, experiential tourism and destination management are among the topics that will be during the conference to attract attention from archaeologists,
tourism experts and other stakeholders in the creation and management of cultural tourism products.
The conference will be organized in collaboration with the European Association of Archaeologists (European Associaction of Archaeologists), and it is expected the participation of over 200
experts in archeology and tourism from around the world.
Conference on “Sense and Sustainability: International Symposium on Archaeological Cultural Heritage and Tourism” is one of the project objectives of international
the “monumental landscapes of the early Iron Age in the Danube Region” (acronym: Iron-Age-Danube, with the project: DTP 1-1-248-2.2, co-financed by the ERDF)
which is carried out as part of the Interreg program Transnational cooperation Danube 2014th to 2020th and is partially supported by the project.

special report

Boat from Zambrattia oldest example completely sewn ship ever found in the Mediterranean, because of its architectural solutions and construction, as well as the technique of sewing and connecting parts of the skin, as well as the sealing system itself hull have no parallels in the wider Mediterranean region. The ship is still at sea bottom bay Zambrattia where it remains protected as long as the conditions are met for the conservation and restoration works or adequate exposure in areas of the museum. The survey was conducted within the Croatian-French cooperation between the institutions of Archeology, Conservation Department in Pula – the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) – Center Camille Jullian from Aix-en-Provence.
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