Purpose: To conduct research in the Wiener Laboratory on a defined project or projects that furthers the fields of specialties of the laboratory, utilizes the collections and library of the laboratory, enhances the scientific stature of the laboratory, and contributes to the teaching mission of the American School.

Term: Early September 2014 to June 1, 2016, with the possibility of renewal for third year. It is expected that the applicant will maintain a physical presence at the Wiener Laboratory during the academic year.
Compensation: Stipend of $35,000 for 12 months. Waiver of School fees. Lunches in Loring Hall. Reimbursement of research expenses up to $2,500, with prior approval. One round-trip economy airfare from the U.S. or Europe to Greece annually.

Qualifications: Recent postdoctoral scholars (up to 10 years from degree, 5 years for applicants in tenure track positions) in fields relevant to the research interests of the Wiener Laboratory of the American School, including: physical anthropology, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology, and environmental sciences.

1. Cover letter naming the applicant, current research interests, and title and brief description of the proposed research project.
2. Statement (up to 1,500 words) of the proposed research project to be completed during the term of the fellowship, including research goals, explicit methodology to be used and relevant bibliography, materials and collections to be studied, timetable and publication schedule, equipment/resources needed while at the Wiener Laboratory, and the reasons the project should occur in Athens at the Wiener Laboratory.
3. Copies of permit(s) from relevant authorities and letters of permission from excavation or project directors to study proposed materials.
4. Description of the candidate’s proposed contributions to the Wiener Laboratory and the academic program (1-2 pages). Candidates who can enrich the teaching mission of the School, by contributing to seminars, fieldtrips or in other ways, are particularly welcome.
5. A brief proposal for a research workshop or small conference that will serve to integrate the interests of the many constituencies of ASCSA and also draw others from outside ASCSA to the School. During the first year of term, the successful candidate will be required to submit a detailed plan for organizing such a workshop or conference; if the proposal is approved the successful candidate will organize the event in a third year and be awarded an extension of the fellowship.
6. Curriculum vitae with list of publications.
7. Three letters of reference from scholars in the field commenting on the value and feasibility of the project, teaching ability and experience, congeniality and collegial attributes.
8. Applicants may be invited to be interviewed by telephone/Skype conference.
9. Submit application for Associate Membership with fellowship form online on the ASCSA web site at

For information contact Dr. Sherry C. Fox at .
Web site: or

Award will be announced by March 15, 2014.