Great History In Small Pieces

Friday| March 3| 12:00

Maccabean Revolt- A Story told in two voices with Neil bar and Dar Sa’ar. The program begins with a special guided tour of the “Hellenistic World” gallery and of the new exhibition Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece.

“Great History in small pieces” is a group of history students who decided to take history and make it accessible and interesting for all.

Program in Hebrew. Places limited, advance reservation required

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Purim at the BLMJ – Free Entrance for Children

Sun – Mon| March 12-13 | 10:00-14:00

The BLMJ is excited to invite you to go on a journey with the characters of the Megillah, to decode secretive scrolls from the Megillah and to visit Ahasuerus’ palace. Esther, Mordecai, Ahasuerus, Vashti, and all the well-known characters of the Megillah find themselves in the midst of the BLMJ, and begin their wonderful mystery tour in the museum. In their journey they shall investigate the mysteries of the Persian Empire, leading the visitors to try and solve the riddles and discover the secrets of the Empire.

Theatrical Purim themed tours for children: Sun-Mon (12.3-13.3) at 10:30 and at 12:00. The activity is a 90 minute activity for children aged 5+. After the theatrical tour the children are welcome to enjoy activities and riddles – free of charge. RSVP

Special Friday New! Kabalat Shabbat

Friday | 24.3.17 | At 12:00 

A special program combining Museum displays, traditional Jewish melodies and the weekly Torah portion.
We will host the Nigun Yerushalmi Ensemble with Shlomo Ilan Keinan, composer, guitarist and Eastern stringed instrumentalist who will lead the program including discussion of the weekly Torah portion, followed by a musical performance with audience participation. Guest: Yagel Harush, Kamancheh and Ney musician, writer and musical arranger

With fee, free for Museum member.

Storytime – Mythologies of the Ancient World returns for a new season!

Twice a month, on Wednesdays, Starting on November 9th at 17:00 

King Midas, Pandora, Atlanta the Brave and Jonah, Godess Inanna and many other figures from folklore and ancient myths will send your kids off on a quest full of imagination and inquisitiveness! The ancient kingdoms of the Persian Empire, Ancient Greece, Canaan, and Ancient Egypt will be brought to life by the wonderful, and truly gifted, story teller Rivka Shabtai. Your child’s visit to the BLMJ also includes a tour, a creative workshop. Every participant will receive a copy of the myth or tale that our wonderful story teller narrates that week.

Ideal for children ages 4-8. The program will be in Hebrew. Price: The cost per meeting is 22 NIS per child, three kids at a special price of 55 NIS and adults at 22 NIS. Full program ticket 220 NIS. A child with a subscription to the Museum entrance for free!

You can purchase tickets via phone: 02-5611066, Please RSVP.

Wednesdays | 19:30 | Free with Museum admission

1.3.17On the Margins of an Ossuary: Miriam Daughter of Yeshua son of Caiaphas and Priestly Families of the Second Temple Period, Prof. Boaz Zissu; Bar Ilan Univ., (Hebrew)

8.3.17 The Importance of the Elah Valley as a Passageway   in Ancient Times; Dr. Eyal Davidson, Herzog College, (Hebrew)

15.3.17David and Bathsheba: Who is Guilty?, Prof. Hananel Mack, Bar Ilan Univ., (Hebrew)

22.3.17Anthropocene in the Bible –Humans in the Past as Designers of Israel’s Landscape –, Dr. Oren Ackerman, Bar-Ilan Univ. (Hebrew)

29.3.17Here and Therein the Land of Israel in the Tenth Century BCE, Prof. Amihai Mazar, Hebrew Univ., (Hebrew)

Lost at the Museum – Self Guided Activity for the Whole Family

Every Saturday | 10:00-14:00 

A fascinating family activity in search of treasures of the ancient world.

Royalty and wizardry invites you on a spectacular journey in search of lost heirlooms! Using an Adventure Book and a special map, we will look for shiny jewelry and hunting tools that have disappeared in the Museum and discover ancient spells and mysterious papyrus writings.

At the Magic Hut we will help the wizard find his magical artefacts! Special seals which he made into talismans, demon traps for protection, ancient incantations and papyrus scrolls hidden away in the museum and reveled through encrypted writings and secret missions. Join the journey of the wizard in search of his lost artefacts!

Tickets: Museum admission is free for kids! Price for activity: 25 NIS.

Exhibition – Gods, Heroes and Mortals in Ancient Greece

The exhibition will include a display of ceramic artifacts which are decorated with scenes from Greek Mythology. The scenes depicted on the artifacts open a window to Greek Mythology, to its heroes and Gods, and to everyday life in Ancient Greece.
The exhibition takes us back to Ancient Greece with its rich culture, infused with Eros, entertainment, sports, education, and even war; Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Hermes, Nike, Hercules, Achilles; Gods, warriors, Heroines, athletes, brides, wed women and children, all become alive between the Museum walls.
Curator: Dr. Silvia Rozenberg.

Exhibition – In the Valley of David and Goliath

Have we found evidence of King David’s footprints in the Elah Valley?

In the Elah Valley, between Azekah and Sokho – the setting of the famous biblical battle between David and Goliath – laid the ruins of mysterious ancient city on a hilltop known today as Khirbet Qeiyafa. Who lived in this anonymous city during the time of King David? Could we have found the biblical Sha’araim – literally the city of two gates, mentioned in the Bible in the description of the battle between David and Goliath?

You will see the original finds from the city’s ruins, its structures, gates, dwellings and many other remarkable artifacts.  Join us for an archeological adventure, where the fascinating finds will be on display for the first time.

Daily Guided Tours – New and main Exhibition:
Sun-Fri: English 10:30, Hebrew 11:00

Additional tours on Wednesdays: English 17:30, Hebrew 18:00.

Saturdays (Hebrew only): 11:30am

Wednesdays from 4 PM and Saturdays – free admission for children!

Introductory film to the museum – screened daily.

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Permanent Exhibition

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem houses one of the most important collections of ancient Near Eastern artifacts, from the dawn of civilization to the period of the Talmud. The exhibits shed a light on the world of the peoples of the Bible.

Classic gems

Classic works of art which illustrate the influence of Hellenistic culture on Italian art, during the classic period.

Roman Fresco Room

A collection which is the only one of its kind in Israel, displaying classic Roman Frescos originating from the villas of the suburbs of Pompei, Italy. Viewing by request only.

DIONYSUS:  Wine & Divine

A brief encounter with the god of wine, intoxication and ecstasy, and his frenzied entourage in this display of enchanting artifacts, many of which are being exhibited for the first time.

Price: 22-44 NIS. Tel: 02-5611066. Address: 21 Stephen Wise, Museum Row, Jerusalem.

  • Daily guided tours of the Permanent Exhibition, free with admission:

Sunday – Friday                                        English 10:30, Hebrew 11:00

Additional tour on Wednesdays           English 17:30, Hebrew 18:00

Saturday                                                    Hebrew 11:30

  • Audio guides of the Permanent Exhibition in Hebrew and English, for self-tours of the Museum
  • Reserve tours in additional languages and for groups in advance:

General Information 

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ), located on Museum Row in the heart of the modern cultural center of Jerusalem, is a museum of archeology and history. The museum is considered to be the only one in the world designed according to a biblical perspective, displaying the history of lands and nations mentioned in the Bible, such as the Babylonians, the Persians and the Egyptians. The permanent collection houses thousands of artefacts which reveal thousands of years of history, from the dawn of civilization to the Early Christian Era, making up one of the most important and fascinating collections in the field. Founded in 1992 by the late Dr. Elie Borowski and his wife Batya, the Bible Lands Museum’s extensive collection of ancient art and archaeology helps visitors gain a more intimate understanding of biblical history and the heritage of the Bible. BLMJ has earned international acclaim as a universal center for cultural and educational programming. It leads innovative tours for school children, presents weekly lectures, and offers a variety of courses for adults. The Museum is a vibrant cultural institution offering creative programs for families, changing exhibitions and a rich array of activities throughout the year.

21  Stefan Wise St., Museum Row

  • Admission fees – Adults: 44 NIS. Child (5-18)/Student/Soldier/Disabled/New Oleh/Senior Citizen: 22 NIS. Senior Citizen (non-Israeli): 35 NIS.

Wednesdays from 4 PM and Saturdays – free admission for kids! Curtesy of the Friends of the Museum.

  • Please note: Parking arrangements have been changed in the shared parking lot of the BLMJ and the Israel Museum – only visitors to the museums will be allowed to park and will be asked to present museum entrance tickets upon leaving the parking lot.
  • Enjoy special discounts on museum entrance fees.  Bring your paid ticket receipt from the BLMJ to the Israel Museum or the Bloomfield Science Museum, to receive discounts on entrance within the same week.

All Museum programs are subject to change.